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                    New Scout and Parent Information


Welcome to Troop 85 ! You should have received a folder with loads of information regarding Scouting and this Troop. Most of the information is also provided here for ease of access. If you should have any questions about Scouting or this Troop, please contact Dawn Madden, Troop Secretary at [email protected]. If she is unable to answer your question(s), she will be able to get you in contact with someone who will. Thank you for joining our Troop ! We hope that you find this an enriching and rewarding experience.


How much does Scouting cost ?


Initial Fees:

All new Scouts and those Scouts that have crossed over from Cub Scouts pay initial dues of $30.00. This fee is above the dues collected from each Scout throughout the year. The $60.00 fee pays for the following:

- Registration Fees - $15.00

- Scout Handbook - $10.00

 - Boy's Life - Boy Scouting Magazine - $12.00

- Neckerchief - $9.00

- Slide - $4.00

- Council Patch - $3.25

- "8" and "5" - $2.38

- World Crest - $1.49

- Shoulder Loops - $2.49


Total         $59.61


- Insurance

- Merit / Rank Advancement Badges earned

Any other costs of joining are your responsibility (i.e. uniforms, extra patches, etc).

If you have joined the Scouts through the Scout Round-up that takes place in the fall, you will pay a fee that day, usually to the North Florida Council. The fee to the Council pays for the registration to the Boy Scouts of America. Your "round-up" fee will be deducted from the Troop's initial fee of $60.00, when you join the Troop.

Scout Dues:

Regular Scout dues are $50.00 and assessed each January 1st to each Scout and must be paid in full by December 31st of the same year. You have the option of how you pay your dues - weekly, monthly or yearly. Keeping your dues up to date is important, if you fall behind on dues this could hinder any rank advancement that you are striving to obtain.


         Camping Costs Rules  - PARENTS & SCOUTS PLEASE READ!!!
    Camping funds are fully explained to the Scouts each month, but we want to be aware that the parents are aware of them as well.    
    Camping funds are $25.00 for each camping trip. These are due on the Monday night meeting prior to the camping trip. Please make every effort to pay on time, it it will make check out on Friday night much smoother and the Troop secretary can make sure to provide the Scoutmaster with the funds needed for the weekend. Checks are accepted and can be made out to Troop 85.
    If your Scout signs up for camping on Monday night and for some reason cannot attend on the weekend, he is responsible for the following two things:
                1. Prior to Thursday morning, the SCOUT MUST call the Camping Patrol Leader, often times this is the Scout assigned to purchase food for the Patrol. This way the Patrol can adjust their grocery list and not spend that Scouts food allowance ($15). Scouts, please make sure you know who your Camping Patrol Leader is for each camping trip, that way you will know who to call. 

            If the Scout calls after the purchase of the groceries for their Patrol, they will forfeit their $15.00 food allowance.
                2. The SCOUT MUST call the Scoutmaster, before Thursday night to let them know that he will not be attending.
    Provided that both of these items ARE DONE, the Scout will receive a $25.00 credit to their Scout account.
    If the Scout cancels after Thursday evening or simply fails to show up, then they will forfeit their entire $25.00 camping fee.
                                    CAMPING PATROL LEADERS: 

            If a Scout calls and cancels prior to you purchasing the groceries for the camping trip, please put aside the $15.00 food allowance for that Scout and cross their name off the back of the envelope. 

            You MUST bring the envelope to the camping trip with the grocery receipt and any change that you may have. Your Patrol will get credit for the portion not used. It maybe a good idea when you get home from the grocery store that you seal the envelope and place it in your Scout Book since those are required at each camping trip.
    Scouts please be responsible and if you need to cancel your camping trip to follow the guidelines so that you have camping fund to use for your next camping trip.

                                   More news for camping  


  • Must report to Scout House in Class A (required for insurance during travel).
  •  A parent or guardian must sign-out the scout before the scout leaves for a camp-out. 
  • If you need or take medication - it MUST be brought with you in its ORIGINAL container. Medication Form needs to be filled out and given to a Leader with the prescribed medication before the scouts leaves for camping.
  • Eat supper before coming to the Scout House or bring a bag supper with you.
  • Bring your Scout Book with you.
  • Plan and pack appropriately - clothing, shoes, sleeping gear, foul weather gear, flashlight, mess kit, water bottle, first aid kit, towel, hygine kit, etc (if you want to sleep in your own tent, you can bring one).
  • NO ELECTRONIC ITEMS (i.e. IPODS / CELL PHONES / GAMES)  while camping unless otherwise noted by Scout Master (only exception are cameras at your own risk). If the scout brings an electronic item it will be taken and put up for the return trip home and then the scout can reclaim the item. Troop is not responsible for personal items brought to camp-outs.
  • Bring extra shoes (Hiking boots if possible).
                     Links for New Scouts and Parents

Please go to our "Links" page and look at the web sites for any information on the Boy Scout Uniform and patch placement.

                              Merit Badge Information
  • A Scout must first decide what Merit Badge he wants to complete.
  • Then the Scout needs to go to the Scout Master with a Blue Card (if printed from internet link) or to request a Blue Card and inform the Scout Master of the Merit Badge he will be working on. The Scout Master will then sign off on the Blue Card.
  • The Scout has six (6) months to complete the Merit Badge.
  • The Scout (when ready) will contact the Merit Badge Counselor assigned for the Merit Badge in order for the Scout to complete the Merit Badge.

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