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How to sell popcorn door to door:

1. Print out a map of your neighborhood from Google maps this is what is referred to as a "tracking" map, every time that you make a sale at a house, you cross it off on your map.

2. Put on your scout uniform and bring your selling pamphlet, a pen, and a phone, store all of these in your pockets, as always you should have a buddy when going door to door.

3. When you come up to a door, ring the door bell, then wait 20 seconds. If they do not answer try knocking, then waiting another 20 seconds, if they still do not answer, they are not home.

4. If they are home, Smile! Say the following:
Hello my name is (First name only) I am with troop 85, and I was wondering if you would like to buy some boy scout popcorn! (Unfold the pamphlet and hand it too them.)

5. If they do say YES, take back the pamphlet and ask them for their name, and what popcorn they want to buy, then tell them that they have to pay now, and that their popcorn will arrive sometime around thanksgiving. YOU MUST RECEIVE PAYMENT! Or else you may never get it. Thank them, then tell them to have a good day. Then write down their address.

6. If they say NO, thank them and tell them to have a good day. (Sound sincere)

7. Congratulations! you have just sold your very first bag of popcorn!

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